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Category Expertise

We serve a wide variety of clients across most industries where we can apply our skill set to any area of spend within your company/corporation. Our focus is optimizing costs and helping you improve service.

(copied from insight) For expenditures that are common to most companies, we have developed deep expertise, tools and processes to achieve optimal results quickly. But it is our ability to apply our proven methodology to unique or customer-specific expenditure areas that really sets us apart. From raw materials to custom parts, from complex services to outsourcing decision support, we have produced consistent results by leveraging our expertise.


Low Cost Country Sourcing

Low cost country sourcing

Negotiations and Contracting

Offering our clients support when needed to reduce your company’s expenses.

Strategic Sourcing/Strategic Procurement

Strategic sourcing of all material-level categories of direct and indirect spend.

New Factory search and Qualification

Set up new factories as well as moving production, both domestically and globally.


Let us focus on outsourcing

Procurement Transformation

Procurement transformation service text here

Category and Commodity Management

Category and Commodity Management

Vendor Management

Vendor Management